Smart parts feeding System

Smart Feeding Package

Package for system integration solution.

AIM provides Vision solution, AIVE.

and provide system integration example with robot programming.

AIVE Control example

Smart Feeding system

The total system including a robot system.

AIM has basic design and order made that customer need.

Customers choose it, Control system, Robot brand, Vision brand.

Even system layout.

Robot & vision system

AIM has many experiences in an electric component handling through the vision and robot.

We have a partnership with high robot company also Vision company. 

We're setting Vision also Robot then there are no arguments.

Smarts parts feeding

The flexible feeding system is the best solution for the smart factory. 

That makes simple, easy and high flexibility.

Robot and vision system is the main equipment of that.

The most important thing is Flexible feeder and setting skill.

AIM has a good reference in filed with the whole system.

Traditional system

The vibration feeding system is the traditional type system before over 60years. It is only 1model available.

If change over product, have to change hardware.

It is necessary to time and budget.


Every part different size tray and shape.

Jam, Scratch, Static, Tangle every part of a different condition.

Electric comopnent


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